4 year old duct taped at daycare

Simple, The teacher should be fired and I will be suing the school for mental anguish because that child will be scared for life.

This is ridiculous, if a child is really out of control, the daycare should just tell the parents to keep them home, or find another daycare. Abuse is never acceptable. Some children act up more if there is no discipline at home, or they are hyperactive, these issues should be addressed.

I agree with Cersi that the teacher and all teachers that treat children with no respect, should be fired. This is why home schooling is the avenue to take, especially for black and latino children, because there are way too many white racists out there.

Another thing I would like to address with havenway, too many teachers want to see children on medications for behavior, when all they are, are children!!! Children are active, we are all getting older and less active. If you can't handle children, don't be a teacher.