I think Tupac was Downlow Gay and Everyone thinks I'm crazy

It's my position that the late Tupac Shakur was a gay man living his life as a straight man. I have a problem with that.

So basically I watched a documentary called, " Tupac Hoax Revealed" and it blew me away. There is a section of the series titled, " What if Tupac was...." I was floored by the incriminating evidence that suggested that Tupac may have been bi or a gay man living his life as a straight man. I don't like to obsess over people's sexuality, that's not the issue. The issue I'm having is, if he was a gay man portraitng this hardcore thug, then he is responsible for a lot of damage occurring in the black community.

See, he was a role model. Many generations came up listening to Pac. I know I did. That was my guy. Even though I'm a woman, he had a message for me too. Keep ya head up. Black men however, have an undying reverence for him ( unless he's a biggie fan). If he was a gay man playing this role, then he mislead a lot of young men. That's a problem!

People don't give YouTube documentaries a lot of credit and rightfully so. Most of them are poorly put together and rooted in speculation. This particular documentary however, is pretty convincing, if you can get over the cringy music. Whoever put it together presented authentic photos of Tupac in incriminating situations that we ( the audience) never questioned. For example, my title picture. What could have possibly been getting ready to take place here? Tupac was the only one with no shoes on. His pants wrapped around his ackles. What's up with the guy in front of him? Looks like he ready for Pac to top him off ijs. This isn't even the worst of it. He definitely had a special relationship with his boys. I could run a list of examples but its best to check it out and form your own opinion. A famous YouTuber who has a reputation for speaking ill of black women did a video giving his opinion on it. He also feels Mr. ThugLife was actually Mr. ButtLife.

Now, the reason why this is such a problem is that Tupac basically sold black men prison culture. Think about it. He was always in and out jail. He was always beefing with somebody. He was gang affiliated. He wore his pants under his butt and even though pants are a lot tighter these days they are still below the cheeks. In Pac's so called later years he was violent and out of control. His influence still reigns. What has Tupac done for the image of the black man? Yes, in the beginning he told sad stories about what it's like to be black and poor. But what if we got tricked? I mean the first time he got shot, it didn't even leave wounds and I know for a fact bullets burn the skin. But we just gonna keep ignoring the trojan horse in the room.

I got drug up and down Facebook for my opinion on the matter. Just because it was Tupac. I got called crazy, people were saying " oh you big mad". Why are we so afraid to hold our leaders accountable? Maybe if we hold our leaders accountable, we could break some of the mindsets that aren't beneficial to us.

That downlow gay stuff is lame but its really an epidemic. My sister and I both have entertained men who... entertain men. That's why this issue is so important for me to speak on. Men go to jail/prison straight and come out gay ( not all). Prison rape is real. These men be in jail/prison with boyfriends and come home and try to be straight again but end up living a double life. How fair is that to the women involved? CDC.gov says that black men are five times as likely to be infected with HIV/AIDS in prison as a white man and twice as likely as a hispanic man. In 2006, 17,528 black people were diagnosed with the disease. 58% of them were gay/bi black men.

April 06, 2012 Rolling Out magazine says, “ “Men who have sex with men (MSM) bear the greatest burden of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)/acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) in every state in the U.S., but their populations are poorly defined.”

I don't know how many was I have to spell it out. Tupac wasn't good for the culture. He was just an actor playing a role.

This a very interesting article. I will say that it is rooted in speculation, much like the documentary that inspired it. Whether or not Tupac was a gay man, the messages presented in a lot of his music (not all) were very positive, uplifting, and conscious. I can see the argument, but the facts presented do not actually support the argument that "Tupac wasn't good for the culture". I won't make any personal attacks, but definitely be aware of how your personal experiences with men who like men influences any of your opinion articles.

Check out the resources I named it the article. Form your opinion from there