UFC 209 Results: Iuri Alcantara submits Luke Sanders (Video)

A bantamweight scrap between Iuri Alcantara and Luke Sanders took place during tonight’s UFC 209 prelims on FS1.

Round one begins and Alcantara scores a quick takedown but Sanders quickly reverses the position and gets back to his…

Round two begins and Alcantara lands a leaping left hook to start. Sanders shoots in but cannot secure a takedown. Iuri misses with a spinning kick but connects with a left hand. Luke presses forward and lands a left. Iuri circles out and then comes forward with a leg kick. Sanders catches him with a counter punch and then scores a takedown. Iuri quickly scrambles back to his feet but eats a combination for his troubles. Sanders lands a knee and then a couple of hard elbows while Alcantara is pressed against the cage. He drags Iuri back to the floor and begins raining down some hard shots. Iuri rolls for a knee bar and he has it. The submission is deep and Sanders is forced to tapout.