Women’s Pioneer vs Internet Troll…?

Women’s Pioneer vs Internet Troll…?

If you haven’t been following the women’s scene in Mixed Martial Arts consistently for the past two decades, then you…

LaRosa is about as seasoned of a fighter as one can be. Especially when it comes to the women. She’s been fighting since 2002 and her next opponent…literally hasn’t been fighting for any time ever(unless you count his surely incredible street fighting record). A man by the name of Kristopher Zylinski has made claims on a public article that a trained female fighter would lose to an untrained man if they were to fight. Well…he’s not the first one to do so, that’s a guarantee. But, luckily(or unluckily), Zylinkski has been man enough to actually accept to prove this challenge as offered up by the McDojoLife.



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