Vitor Belfort Will Retire at UFC Missouri After Fighting Uriah Hall

The man who was once reported to have ‘no known weaknesses,’ turned out to have one: Time.

It’s hard to believe that The Phenom has been fighting since 1996 and is about to strap on the gloves to fight this…

“This is my retirement fight. After that I’m going to put my body to rest. This is it. Breaking news. I think I did more than enough. Just to think back, sometimes I flashback just like Matt [Sera] said, and I’m like, ‘Wow, I’m still doing this, wow man, this is crazy.’ I’m very thankful, but I think my body need to rest. I have other things, I have a business of my own, I developed have a system, I developed a group class training system that we’re going to franchise. I just want to leave to help the sport in a way, work with the sport and help and do other things. We got to know the time to start and I think we need to know the time to end and it’s about time.”