‘Villian’ Colby Covington Says Tyron Woodley Needs to Beat Him to Be ‘Hero’

You and I are destined to do this forever.

That’s what the Joker said to Batman in Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed film The Dark Knight. This seems to be the same…

“I just don’t get why they want to do [Rafael dos Anjos]. It’s not a money fight. Tyron [Woodley] wants to be the hero, so if he wants to be the hero, he needs to come fight me. I’m the villain. I’m the bad guy of the division. I’m the most hated guy in the division. If you want fans to like you — fans hate Tyron right now, because he’s being fake. He’s being two-faced. He’s saying all this stuff and he doesn’t really mean it. He’s not being truthful. That’s why the fans are liking me right now because what I’m saying is real. […] I just don’t get why he doesn’t see that I’m the money fight. He’s not going to get [Nate] Diaz, he’s not going to get [Georges St-Pierre], Conor [McGregor] isn’t even in question.”