UFC Vet Jay Hieron Defends Romero Getting the Title Shot After Missing Weight

After Yoel Romero took out Luke Rockhold at UFC 221, there was no doubt that he deserved a title shot.

Although, some did criticize the decision by the UFC to still award Romero with a chance at the belt [after he missed…

“[Yoel Romero] got penalized. He’s not all happy right now. He got 30-percent of his purse taken, which is a lot. He has the belt – on his own stomach, in his own house right now, he could be interim belt champion, which he’s not. He’s penalized. But you go out and put a performance on like that, you can’t argue that. He should definitely get the shot. I get it. You’re in a different country. You’re in a totally different time frame. You’ve retained water, so it’s already not going as planned. I get it. He probably thought he could make weight.”