UFC Orlando Results: Brian Kelleher defeats Renan Barao (Highlights)

UFC Orlando Results: Brian Kelleher defeats Renan Barao.

A bantamweight scrap between former division champion [Renan…

Round one begins and Kelleher presses forward quickly. Barao catches him with a nice inside low kick. Brian replies with a kick of his own. Kelleher comes forward with a left hand. Barao ducks under the strike and then circles out. Brian with a kick to the body of Renan. Barao misses with a body kick. Kelleher keeps searching for a big left hand. Barao catches his attention with a hard low kick and then another. Those are nasty kicks from the former Brazilian champ. Kelleher moves in and lands a right hand. Barao decides to clinch and the fighters trade knees along the fence. Barao is looking for a takedown but Brian switches the position and lands an elbow. The referee steps in and tells the fighters to break. Kelleher rushes after Barao with punches. He lands a big right hand that sends Renan to the canvas. Barao pops right back up to his feet and then presses Kelleher against the cage. Both men are throwing knees in the clinch position. Kelleher drops down for a double leg takedown attempt. Barao defends nicely and the horn sounds to end round one.