UFC on FOX 25 Results: Patrick Cummins defeats Gian Villante

Round one begins and Cummins quickly presses the action and forces Gian against the fence

Villante breaks free and Cummins quickly presses forward with another shot. Villante defends and lands some big hammer…

Round two begins and Cummins is busted up but continues to press forward. He shoots in for a takedown but Villante defends. Cummins is working his left jab and hook well here. He is arguably out striking Gian now. Cummins presses forward and pushes Gian against the cage. He lands a couple of shots inside before they break. Cummins presses forward with a combination. He connects with a nice left hook. Gian responds with a good right. Another nice combo from Cummins. Villante circles and lands a low kick. Cummins shoots in and pushes Gian against the cage. He lands a left hand and Villante circles away. Round two comes to an end.