UFC Halifax Results: Aiemann Zahabi defeats Reginaldo Vieira (Highlights)

UFC Halifax Results: Reginaldo Vieira vs. Aiemann Zahabi

A bantamweight bout between Reginaldo Vieira and Aiemann Zahabi took place on tonight’s UFC Fight Night 105 prelims in…

Round one begins and Vieira starts off quickly. He throws a nice combination that lands. Zahabi takes it and circles out. Zahabi presses forward and lands a straight left. He follows that up with a high kick that lands flush. More shots from Zahabi. Vieira retreats but Aiemann stays on him and lands a kick and then a right hand. Vieira circles away but Zahabi is all over him. Aiemann with another left. Vieira responds with a nice leg kick. He shoots in and takes Zahabi to the floor. Aiemann does a good job to wall-walk and get back to his feet. He circles off the fence and lands a left jab. Vieira presses forward and attempts a takedown. It is not there. A solid body kick lands for Zahabi. Vieira replies with an uppercut and then a right hand. He shoots in and scores a takedown. Good shots from the top before round one comes to an end.



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