UFC Fight Night 108 Results: Thales Leites defeats Sam Alvey

UFC Fight Night 108 Results: Thales Leites vs. Sam Alvey

A middleweight scrap between former title challenger Thales Leites and surging contender Sam Alvey served as the…

Round one begins and Leites lands a huge leg kick to start. He follows that up with a kick to the body and then another. Alvey is backed up against the cage. Leites hits him with two more hard low kicks. Sam circles off the fence. He throws a right hand that partially connects. Thales replies with a kick and then another. Alvey attempts a left hand and then a right but neither strikes connect. Leites connects with another inside leg kick. He follows that up with a good kick to the body. Alvey needs to utilize some movement here. Thales is just teeing off with leg kicks. He goes to the body of Alvey with a kick. Two minutes remain and Leites lands another hard leg kick. Alvey finally finds a home for a right hand. Leites smiles, circles out and then lands another low kick. Thales attempts a head kick but Alvey blocks it. One minute remains in round one. Another hard low kick from Leites. He retreats and then shoots in for a takedown. Alvey stuffs the attempt. Leites circles out and then lands a body kick. Round one comes to a end.



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