UFC Fight Night 108 Results: Scott Holtzman defeats Michael McBride (Highlights)

UFC Fight Night 108 Results: Scott Holtzman vs. Michael McBride

A lightweight scrap between Scott Holtzman and Michael McBride took place during tonight’s UFC Fight Night 108 prelims…

Round one begins and McBride lands a low kick to get things started. He follows up with a kick to the body. Holtzman leaps in with a left hand that connects. Scott fires off a right hand that lands flush. McBride dives in for a takedown but Holtzman is not having it. He presses Michael against the cage and begins working some knees. McBride drops for a kimura but cannot secure the submission. Holtzman winds up on top. He opts to pull out of McBride’s guard and tells him to stand up. Scott with a right hand and then a leg kick. He changes levels and connects with a huge left hook that floors McBride. Michael gets back up and then eats an accidental groin strike from Scott. The referee steps in a we break. Michael eventually recovers from the illegal blow and when restart. Holtzman with a right hand and then a left hook. He goes low with a kick. McBride answers with a low kick of his own. Holtzman just misses with a wild right hand. McBride lands a front kick to the body of Scott. He throws a low kick but Scott counters with a huge left hand. Somehow McBride stays on his feet. He follows up with a big right hand. McBride eats it and presses forward. He shoots in and lands a takedown. They scramble and it is Holtzman who ends up in top position. Round one comes to and end with McBride attempting a kimura lock.