UFC Atlantic City Results: David Branch KO’s Thiago Santos (VIDEO)

UFC Atlantic City Results: David Branch KO’s Thiago Santos

A middleweight tilt between perennial division contenders David Branch and Thiago Santos took place on tonight’s [UFC…

Round one begins and Branch quickly moves forward and takes the center of the octagon. Santos keeps David at bay with a front kick to the body. He circles and then lands another. Branch comes forward with a right hand but eats a low kick for his efforts. Santos is utilizing a lot of footwork early. He comes forward with a straight right hand. Branch avoids and then ducks under for a takedown attempt. It is not there. Santos with a hard low kick. Branch eats it and comes forward with a right hand. David with a nice kick to the body. Santos replies with one of his own. Branch continues to press forward. He lands a jab. Both men connects with short punches. Three minutes remain in round one. Santos unleashed a pair of nasty punches followed by a low kick. Branch lands a huge right hand over the top and down goes Santos. Branch follows up with some nasty ground and pound and this one is all over! WOW! David Branch is a beast.