UFC 224 Results: Amanda Nunes finishes Raquel Pennington (VIDEO)

UFC 224 Results: Amanda Nunes finishes Raquel Pennington (VIDEO)

A women’s bantamweight title fight headlined tonight’s UFC 224 event as Amanda Nunes put her title on the line against…

Round one begins and Nunes starts off quickly by taking the center of the octagon. She leaps in with a left that fails to hit the mark. Nunes with a huge low kick that sends Pennington flying and crashing to the floor. She gets back up but Nunes is there to greet her with punches and then a pair of low kicks. Pennington fakes a kick to the body. Nunes lands a jab followed by another leg kick that sends Rocky to the floor. Pennington gets back up but Nunes greets her with a jab to the body. Amanda continues to fire off low kicks. Pennington ducks under a punch but misses with a counter left hook attempt. Both women decide to stand and trade in the pocket. Nunes side steps and then fires off a right hand. Another good combination from Nunes. Pennington eats it and then fires back with a nice uppercut. Nunes continues to press the pace here in round one. She lands another heavy low kick. Pennington comes forward with a combination. Nunes avoids and then lands a low kick. She lands another. Pennington charges forward with a flurry. Round one comes to an end.



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