UFC 223 Results: Khabib Nurmagomedov defeats Al Iaquinta (Highlights)

UFC 223 Results: Khabib Nurmagomedov defeats Al Iaquinta

A lightweight title fight between undefeated Russian standout [Khabib…

Round one begins and Khabib comes out quickly. Al greets him in the center of the cage. Iaquinta with a right hand that just misses the mark. Khabib circles off the fence. Al misses with anther right hand. Khabib grabs a hold of a leg and drags him to the floor. Khabib immediately moves to side control. Al gives up his back but Khabib can’t keep him down and Iaquinta scrambles back up. Khabib takes Al immediately back down to the ground. He instantly moves towards mount. Al scrambles and gets back to full guard. He looks to wall-walk against the cage but Khabib has him pinned. Big shots from the undefeated Russian now. He is landing his left hand at will. Nurmagomedov puts Al right back on the canvas. He begins battering him with left hands. Al scrambles back to his feet but eats a ton of punches for his efforts. Khabib continues to work strikes. Al is defending the takedown. Round one comes to an end.