UFC 223 Results: Chris Gruetzemacher stops Joe Lauzon

UFC 223 Results: Chris Gruetzemacher stops Joe Lauzon

A lightweight scrap between fan favorite Joe Lauzon and Chris Chris Gruetzemacher took place…

Round one begins and Gruetzemacher comes forward early with a combination. Lauzon takes the offering and then returns fire with a flurry to the body. Joe continues with forward pressure. He lands a left hand followed by a right over the top. Lauzon shoots in but the attempt is stuffed. Chris gets top position and winds up in full guard. Joe immediately loses butterfly guard. He looks for a sweep but can only buck Chris off momentarily. Gruetzemacher with some shots to the body. He lands an elbow. Lauzon rolls for a leg. He locks up a heel hook but Chris is doing a good job of defending. Joe scrambles back to his feet and lands a front kick. Chris fires back with a left hand. Joe responds with a standing elbow. He lands another. Just under two minutes remain in round one. Another nice elbow from Lauzon. Gruetzemacher replies with a low kick followed by a short right hand. Lauzon breaks free from the clinch but eats an uppercut. Joe with a shot tot he body and then a right hand over the top. Chris comes forward with a left hook that appears to stun Joe. He backs him up against the cage. Lauzon breaks free and lands a straight left. Chris with a front kick to the body. He lands an elbow. Round one comes to an end.


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