UFC 219 Results: Neil Magny defeats Carlos Condit

UFC 219 Results: Neil Magny defeats Carlos Condit

A welterweight scrap between former interim title holder [Carlos Condit](https://www.bjpenn…

Round one begins and Magny comes forward quickly. Condit catches him with a nice leg kick. Carlos attempts a head kick but it misses the mark. Condit lands a leg kick but Magny catches it and forces Carlos to the ground. Condit immediately rolls for a knee and tries to scramble back up to his feet. Neil prevents Condit from getting up and takes full guard. Condit quickly scrambles to his feet but Magny immediately drags him back to the floor. Another scramble and Condit is back up. He presses Magny against the cage and lands a knee. The fighters break and Condit throws another kick. Once again Magny catches it but this time he cannot use the limb to score a takedown. Neil wth a nice jab. Under two minutes remain. Condit misses with a combination. He lands an outside low kick. Magny just misses with a straight right hand. Condit circles out. He is having a hard time finding his rang here. Magny with a nice jab to the body. Condit leaps in with a combination. Magny avoids any significant strikes and dives in on a single leg. Condit avoids the takedown attempt and circles out. Condit with a nice left hand and then a body kick. “The Natural Born Killer” lands a spinning back kick. Round one comes to an end.



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