UFC 218 Results: Yancy Medeiros stops Alex Oliveira in round 3 (VIDEO)

UFC 218 Results: Yancy Medeiros vs. Alex Oliveira

A welterweight scrap between Yancy Medeiros and [Alex…

Round one begins and Medeiros throws a low kick. Alex responds with a nice body kick followed by a right hand. Yancy lands a straight left that sends Alex to the floor. “Cowboy” bounces right back up and unleashed a good combination. He presses Yancy against the fence and works in a knee. Oliveira with a knee but it hits Yancy low. The referee steps in and stops the contest to allow Yancy time to recover. He does and we restart. Alex lands a huge right hand that drops Medeiros. Wow. Yancy scrambles back to his feet but Alex is on him with strikes. The fighters battle against the cage. Alex with another right hand. It drops Medeiros. Yancy is back up but Alex is all over him with strikes. Punches and elbows from “Cowboy”. He lands a big knee to the body. Yancy fires back with an elbow. This fight is crazy. Yancy circles off the fence and lands a right hand. “Cowboy” responds with a right hand of his own. He pushes Yancy against the cage and lands an elbow. The break away from the fence and Alex lands a right hand. He has Medeiros hurt. All kinds of punches in bunches from “Cowboy”. Somehow Yancy is still on his feet. The horn sounds to end one of the best rounds of recent memory.