UFC 218 Results: Henry Cejudo defeats Sergio Pettis

UFC 218 Results: Henry Cejudo vs. Sergio Pettis

A key flyweight scrap between former title challenger [Henry…

Round one begins and both men fire off early low kicks. Henry Cejudo throws a right and tries to close the distance. Pettis circles out and paws with his left jab. Henry ducks under a strike and scores a takedown. He immediately moves to side control. Sergio attempts to scramble but gives up his back. Cejudo is working some good knees to the body from the position. Another scramble and Pettis gets half guard. He eventually works his way back to full guard. Cejudo with a good punch from the top. Pettis is looking for an armbar. Cejudo is not having it and presses Pettis’ shoulders to the floor. Cejudo with a right hand. He postures up and then lands a nice punch. He scores with a hammer fist and then a knee. The horn sounds to end round one.