UFC 214 Results: Aljamain Sterling defeats Renan Barao

UFC 214 Results: Aljamain Sterling defeats Renan Barao

A 140-pound catchweight bout between former bantamweight champion Renan Barao and Aljamain Sterling took place during…

Round one begins and Barao opens up with a body kick. Sterling responds with one of his own. Barao leaps in with a left hand and then a leg kick. Sterling presses forward and just misses getting caught with a spinning head kick from Renabn. Barao with a leg kick. Sterling returns fires with one to the body. Barao trips Sterling and winds up on top. Sterling immediately rolls for a leg lock. He sinks it in but Barao catches him with a good shot. Another good punch from Barao and he takes top position. The Brazilian quickly passes to half guard but Aljamain scrambles back to full guard. Barao with a left hand. He moves to half guard and lands an elbow. Renan with a some knees to the body. Sterling scrambes back with full guard. He attempts a sweep but Barao says no. Sterling looks to lock up a triangle but Barao postures up and rains down left. The horn sounds to end round one.



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