UFC 213 Results: Rob Font submits Douglas Silva de Andrade (Highlights)

UFC 213 Results: Rob Font vs. Douglas Silva de Andrade

A bantamweight scrap between Rob Font and Douglas Silva de Andrade kicked off tonight’s UFC 213 pay-per-view main card…

Round one begins and Silva de Andrade lands a hard low kick to start things off. Font circles and lands a front kick to the thigh. Rob shifts and then leaps forward with a combination that ends in a leg kick which lands. Silva de Andrade fires back with a low kick of his own but Rob Font dives in and scores a double leg takedown. Silva de Andrade gets up for a brief second but Font quickly drags him back to the canvas. Font moves to side control and lands an elbow. Douglas scrambles and gets back to fully guard. He stands up but is in a guillotine. Douglas breaks free and Font is back on the hunt. He delivers a low kick and throws a massive right which misses. Silva de Andrade responds with a low kick attempt which misses. Font leaps in and lands a jab followed by a knee. As he moves in he accidently pokes Douglas in the eye. The referee steps in to allow Douglas to recover. We restart and both men trade leg kicks. Rob Font leaps in with a 1-2 combination. Silva de Andrade circles and then fires off a hard low kick. Font quickly replies with one of his own. Rob with a nice jab. Andrade returns with a straight left that lands flush. Silva de Andrade leaps in but misses with an attempted combination. He misses and Font catches him with a counter. Font lands a knee and then grabs a hold of a guillotine. He drops down but cannot beat the horn. We are going to round two.