UFC 213 Results: Alistair Overeem defeats Fabricio Werdum (Highlights)

UFC 213 Results: Alistair Overeem defeats Fabricio Werdum (Highlights)

A heavyweight scrap between former division champion Fabricio Werdum and former title challenger Alistair Overeem…

Round one begins and Werdum comes out throwing a jumping side kick. It misses as Alistair Overeem slides out of the way. Werdum feints with a body kick. Alistair is holding his hands low here. Fabricio goes to the body with a kick. Alistair returns fire with a head kick. Werdum partially blocks the strike and then fires off a kick of his own. They fighters clinch and Overeem lands a nice knee. They break and look to find the range. Werdum charges forward with a combination that misses. Alistair with a side kick to the leg. He trips Werdum up with another kick. Fabricio stands back up. He lands a kick to the body but Alistair counters with a right hand. Werdum eats it and then comes forward with a kick. Fabricio with another snapping kick to the body. Alistair is waiting to counter here but Werdum is landing more. He is going to need to get busy. Werdum with a kick but Alistair replies with a straight right hand. Round one comes to an end.



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