UFC 212 Results: Vitor Belfort defeats Nate Marquardt (Highlights)

UFC 212 Results: Vitor Belfort vs. Nate Marquardt

A middleweight scrap between former UFC champion Vitor Belfort and former Strikeforce welterweight title holder Nate…

Round one begins and Vitor lands a leg kick to start things off. Marquardt comes forward and engages Vitor in the clinch. He scores a trip takedown and winds up in full guard. Nate with some shoulder strikes to get things started on the canvas. After a stall in the action, the referee steps in and stands them up. Belfort faints with a left high kick and then eats a low kick from Nate. Marquardt comes forward with a push kick to the body. Belfort circles and lands a left hand. He follows that up with a nice shot to the body. Marquardt circles out and then comes forward with a switch kick. Belfort is very relaxed here. Marquardt with a right hand and Vitor responds with a left for good measure. Nate scores with an inside leg kick. Belfort presses forward but doesn’t throw anything. He lands a body kick to end round one.