UFC 212 Results: Max Holloway finishes Jose Aldo (Highlights)

UFC 212 Results: Jose Aldo vs. Max Holloway

A featherweight title fight unification bout between current champion Jose Aldo and interim title holder Max Holloway…

Round one begins and Aldo takes the center of the octagon. Max paws with a jab and then sends a shot to the body of Aldo. Holloway presses forward with a combination but Aldo avoids the attempted strikes. Jose goes to the body with a left hand. Max circles out and then lands a right hand. Aldo with a crisp right hand in return. Max presses forward and they briefly clinch. Aldo lands a big right hand after they break. He scores another and then a combination. Holloway is stunned. Aldo with a knee and then another right hand. Max circles off the fence and appears to be ok. Holloway takes the center of the octagon and lands a right hand. Aldo responds with a left and then avoids some attempted counters from Holloway. Another good left scores for Aldo. He is on point tonight. Jose lands a leaping left hook and then a leg kick. Max scores with a spinning back kick to close out round one.