UFC 210 Results: Shane Burgos stops Charles Rosa in round three (Highlights)

UFC 210 Results: Charles Rosa vs. Shane Burgos

A featherweight bout between Charles Rosa and Shane Burgos took place during tonight’s UFC 210 prelims on Buffalo, New…

Round one begins and Rosa throws a low kick but Shane counters with a right hand. Charles lands a nice switch kick. Shane is pressing forward very aggressively here. He lands a hard right. Rosa comes back with a combination. Charles is moving well here but Burgos is just walking him down. Shane with a nice shot to the body. He follows that up with a right hand. Rosa lands a spinning kick to the body. Burgos eats it and continues to walk forward. He appears to have no respect for Rosa’s power. Shane with a good combination. He lands a stiff jab. Rosa throws another switch kick but Shane replies with a hard hook to the body. Rosa with a nice low kick and then a left hand. Burgos presses forward with a left and then a right but eats a hard low kick for his efforts. Charles leaps in with a left hook that misses. He throws a kick but it connects low and the referee steps in and puts a stop to the action. After a short break we restart. Rosa lands a low kick but Shane comes back with a viscous combination. Rosa is able to circle away from the flurry and then proceeds to land three hard low kicks in a row. Shane eats the shots and then launches a right hand. Both men score with uppercuts. Rosa leaps in with a combination. Burgos fires off a low kick as round one comes to an end.



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