UFC 210 Results: Kamaru Usman defeats Sean Strickland

UFC 210 Results: Kamaru Usman vs. Sean Strickland

A welterweight scrap between Kamaru Usman and Sean Strickland took place during tonight’s UFC 210 prelims in Buffalo,…

Round one begins and Usman starts things off with a punch to body of Strickland. Kamaru with a nice combination. Strickland has his hands low here, possibly to negate any takedown attempts. Just as I say that Usman shoots in for a takedown. He cannot secure the takedown but has Sean pressed up against the cage. Usman is landing a ton of knees to the thigh of Strickland here. Kamaru is able to score a trip takedown but Sean immediately rolls for a leg lock. He fails to secure the submission and Usman winds up on top. Kamaru lands a big right hand from the top. Sean ties him up but Usman breaks free and rains down another hard right. Strickland scrambles but cannot get back to his feet. Usman with some left hands from the top. Sean looks for an armbar submission but Usman is able to break free of the hold. Round one comes to an end.



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