UFC 209 Results: Tyron Woodley defeats Stephen Thompson (Highlights)

UFC 209 Results: Tyron Woodley defeats Stephen Thompson (Highlights)

A welterweight title fight rematch between #1 contender Stephen Thompson and current division title holder Tyron…

Round one begins and Thompson takes the center of the octagon. He is using a wide stance. Both men are tentative to begin. Thompson with a kick and then another. Woodley charges forward with punches but Stephen ducks out of the way. He presses forward and has Woodley backed up against the cage. Wonderboy with a chopping leg kick. He fakes a side kick. Woodley is looking to explode here. Thompson throws a high kick which is blocked. Thompson comes forward but eats a leg kick. He continues to pressure Woodley. Thompson with a side kick to the thigh of Tyron. Woodley is very tentative to start. He ducks low and comes up with a right hand. It misses. He presses forward and lands a body kick. Thompson circles and then comes forward with a nice combination. He slides back out of range. Stephen in the center of the octagon. He presses forward with a right hand. The crowd is growing restless with the lack of production but Wonderboy is dictating everything right now. A good kick lands for Thompson. Woodley misses with a jab to the body. Thompson answers with a right hand. He continues to pressure Woodley and backs him up as the horn sounds to end round one.



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