UFC 208 Results: Glover Teixeira defeats Jared Cannonier

UFC 208 Results: Glover Teixeira defeats Jared Cannonier

A light heavyweight bout between Glover Teixeira and Jared Cannonier took place during tonight’s UFC 208 main card in…

Round one begins and Jared misses with a left to start. Glover presses forward and lands a right hand. Cannonier circles out throws a left. Teixeira responds with a combination and then shoots in and lands a takedown. He begins working from full guard but quickly passes to half guard. Jared scrambles back to the full guard position. Glover lands a left and then passes to half guard. He lands a nice elbow. Glover grabs a hold of his neck and then drops down for a guillotine. It is tight. Jared is able to transition and break free but winds up on the bottom in half guard position. Glover works some left hand from the top. He is working for an arm triangle choke. He lets that go and work some right hands. Glover moves to full mount but Jared quickly scrambles back to half guard. Glover pushes Jared against the fence but Cannonier uses the position to stand up. Jared lands a knee and then an uppercut and Glover wobbles back in retreat. Round one comes to a close.



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