UFC 208 Results: Germaine de Randamie defeats Holly Holm (Highlights)

UFC 208 Results: Germaine de Randamie defeats Holly Holm (Highlights).

A women’s featherweight title fight between former bantamweight champion Holly Holm and Germaine de Randamie served as…

Round one begins and de Randamie moves forward quickly and throws a right kick to the body. Holm throws a side kick that misses. She presses forward with a combination. Germaine responds with a leg kick. Holly replies with a hard low kick of her own. Holm is using a lot of movement here. Germaine lands a nice right hand. Holly charges forward with a combination but does not connect. A nice kick lands for Holly. Germaine replies with a right hand. Holly comes forward and lands a hard leg kick. She circles out and then charges forward but eats a left hand. Germaine follows that up with a right. Holly lands another hard leg kick. De Randamie fires back with a big right hand. Interesting that Holly hasn’t even fainted for a takedown attempt yet. One minute remains. Holly shoots in for a takedown. Germiane defends but Holly has her pressed against the cage. Holm is working on a single leg. She can’t get it. 10 seconds remains. Holm keeps Germaine pressed against the cage to close things out.