UFC 207 Results: TJ Dillashaw dominates John Lineker (Highlights)

UFC 207 Results: TJ Dillashaw dominates John Lineker (Highlights)

A key bantamweight tilt between former division title holder TJ Dillashaw and surging contender John Lineker took place…

Round one begins and Dillashaw presses forward and misses with a head kick. TJ follows that up with a leg kick but Lineker catches it and scores a trip. TJ bounces right back up and then throws a leg kick. He circles out and then comes forward with another kick that Lineker catches and uses to score a takedown. TK quickly is able to scramble back to his feet and then immediately lands an uppercut and then a leg kick. Another leg kick from Dillashaw lands and he shoots in and scores an easy takedown. TJ moves quickly to half guard and begins working some short shots. Lineker gets back to full guard but TK quickly steps over and back in to half guard. Hammer fists from the former champ. John scrambles and gets back to his feet. TJ fakes a kick and then circles out. Lineker lands a kick but TJ counters with a right hand. Lineker with a punch to the body of Dillashaw but TJ circles out and then lands a kick. Lineker presses forward and lands a hard left. TJ takes it a fires right back with a right. Both men are down to throw leather now. The round comes to an end.



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