TUF 25 Finale Results: Jared Cannonier TKO’s Nick Roehrick (Highlights)

TUF 25 Finale Results: Jared Cannonier vs. Nick Roehrick

A light heavyweight scrap between Jared Cannonier and Nick Roehrick took place on tonight’s TUF 25 Finale main card in…

Round one begins and Nick lands a left jab to start things off. He misses with a follow up right hand. Cannonier circles and then comes forward with a left. Both men are trying to find their range early. Roehrick misses with a pair of jabs. He throws a wild right that misses the mark. Jared tags him with a right and then another. Nick replies with a right hand of his own. Jared circles and then lands a right hand. Another massive right hand from Cannonier. Nick Roehrick has a chin. Wow. Roehrick presses forward but misses with a right hand. Jared charges in and lands a right hand. They fighters engage in some dirty boxing and Nick connects with a right hook. They break and Jared just avoids an body kick. Nick paws with his jab. Jared replies with a left hand. Roehrick connects with a left hook of his own. They’re going back and forth now. Jared misses with a right hand and Nick presses him up against the fence. Both men connects with jabs to end round one.



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