Paulo Costa Wants to Break Derek Brunson’s Face

Paulo Costa is a problem .

Formerly ‘Borrachinha’, Costa now wants to be called ‘The Eraser’ and he’s earned it too. He’s undefeated and he’s…

“I just saw on Twitter that he got data saying that USADA only tested me once and that, if I was tested more often, he could fight me in the middle of next year, I would tell him that he is a coward, a slacker. I don’t know where he got this false data from. Only this month I have been tested five times. And since being in the UFC, I’ve been tested 10 times. USADA and the UFC have this data. His bullsh-t argument makes no sense at all. I’m going to put my tests up on social media and I want to see what his excuse will be to continue running away.”