Mark Hunt Bashes ‘Biggest Cheaters in the World’ Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar

It is no secret that “The Super Samoan” Mark Hunt is not a fan of current WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar.

The former heavyweight title challenger has ripped “The Beast” for pretty months following their fight in July of…

Lesnar, who returned to the WWE following his scrap with Hunt, recently found his way back into mixed martial arts headlines. Or, should we say forced back into the MMA media world? All it took was a single answer on Jon Jones’ Facebook live to spark talk of a super fight between Jones and Lesnar. The fight has garnered some mixed reactions, but overall there seems to be a lot of excitement surrounding the potential scrap. Not from Mark Hunt though, who flamethrowed both of their names on Mike Swick’s “Quick Swick” podcast.