Kamaru Usman: Someone Has to Take a Bullet Because No One Above Us Will Fight

Darren Till can’t get a fight even though he’s headlining a major UFC Liverpool card.

Kamaru Usman is sitting just above him in the rankings, but can’t get a fight either. The two [recently went at it on…

“The UFC got itself in a situation here. This is the situation right now in the welterweight division: Darren Till and I are sitting at No. 7 and No. 8. No one above us will take a fight with either him or I, absolutely not. A couple of guys above us are actually terrified of us. Colby Covington being the first one. He is definitely terrified because he only wants [Tyron] Woodley. He thinks, ‘I already got up here, so I’m not going to risk getting beat up by any of these other guys. If I’m going to get beat up I want to get paid for it by fighting Woodley.’ Nobody above us will fight us.”