Jorina Baars Calls Cyborg and Holly Holm The Best Women’s Fight Ever

In the lead-up to UFC 219, there has been no way to miss the accolades of either Cris Cyborg or Holy Holm.

Both have laundry lists of accomplishments and present unique challenges to one another, neither of which have ever…

“I really want to see this fight. It’s such a great match-up. I think it’s the best women’s fight ever because Cyborg and Holly Holm are both great athletes and they fight stand-up and they can fight on the ground as well. Their technique is really good. I know Cris is working hard on her kickboxing and stand-up and I know Holly is working on her wrestling. I can’t wait. I think Holly is the better striker from her boxing background. Cris is working on her stand-up very hard and she worked with [Clarissa Shields]. It’s a very good fight.”