Jorge Masvidal Shares His Direct Messages with ‘Hoe Ass’ Michael Bisping

Jorge Masvidal hasn’t been quiet about wanting to ‘slap up’ Michael Bisping.

The two have been in [multiple confrontations…

Jorge Masvidal: “Hey hoe ass Michael Bisping, quit talking sh-t to me when the UFC team and staff and act like a man. Let this 155-pound end your racist ass, you punk b-tch. You rip my flag and spit on Latin fighter’s corners. Damn right you won’t get in there with me. You know I’m going to hurt you and keep hurting you. Not going to knock you out quick, hell no, I’ll punish your ass for disrespect you bring. Just sing pussy, don’t run your mouth or from the fight. You had your chance to talk like men in private and you chose to make a scene in front of fans and UFC staff. You’re such a hoe.”