Johny Hendricks Opens Up About His Switch to Jackson Winkeljohn’s Camp

Johny Hendricks hasn’t had the best luck lately. He’s only been able to win four of his last 10 fights.

Although considering that three of them were Georges St-Pierre, Robbie Lawler and Stephen Thompson, it’s…

“It started about a year and a half ago it just turned hard to get partners to come in and train. I could find boxers, but MMA is a little bit different than boxing, the distance and where to move your head and where you’re safe and where you’re not because you can throw kicks. And after that last fight, that was sort of the last straw that I was like, you know what, I got to get people, I got to get more than just one look. And my coach was telling me to go try a couple of camps out, and we talked to Winkeljohn and he said, “sure, come on out, try it out,” and I did, and after the first day I knew that from here on out that’s where I’ll be training, let’s just say that. Now, I’m gonna still train here in Texas cause I can’t leave my family for that long, right? But I plan on doing majority of my camp out in New Mexico.”