Israel Adesanya Warns ‘Flat-Footed’ Marvin Vettori That He’s in for a Starching

The Last Style Bender Israel Adesanya isn’t intimidated by a quick turnaround.

Actually, Adesanya isn’t intimidated by much of anything. He treated the bright lights of his UFC 221 debut just like…

“[Marvin Vettori] got pushed [to insult me on Twitter]. I mean, he wouldn’t say sh-t, he wouldn’t dare say sh-t if the fight wasn’t already signed. I already signed the fight and he took the fight, credit to him. I say whenever these guys take fights with me, I always feel like they think they have something up their sleeve. I mean, but they know who they’re f-cking with. So he may have something up his sleeve, but we’ll find out come April 14th [at UFC Glendale].”