Israel Adesanya Says He and Robert Whittaker Are Two Dogs Looking at Each Other

Israel Adesanya believes that destiny has been leading him to everywhere he’s been so far.

Traveling the world becoming a master of styles finally resulted in him breaking into the UFC and marking his territory…

“With Robert [Whittaker], for whatever reason, he might lose the belt then gain it back, or I gain it and he tries to take it away from me in Spark Arena. But I just know me and him are gonna fight in Auckland by the end of 2019, and I just see the way we are because he’s good, I’m great. You know, it’s just gonna be for the belt. I’ve never met the guy. I’ve seen him across the room or across places, but I’ve never really had a word with him. It’s never anything personal, it’s just business, it’s just the game we’re in. He knows. It’s a fighter thing. When you look at each other and you just kind of have this potential of like, ‘Yeah, I see you, you see me’. It’s just a thing.”