Holloway is Ready When Conor McGregor Puts On His Big Boy Pants For a Real Fight

Max Holloway Conor McGregor

For every jab Conor McGregor has had recently, the UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway has had a counter.

This has been going on for months and seems to have no stopping point in sight. Giving his savvy Twitter fingers a rest,…

“[Conor McGregor]’s been throwing the little jabs here and there. It’s like I said, retired fighters like talking about the past. They’re like your uncle when you’re at the barbecue and your uncle’s like, ‘Come here, boy, remember back in my day I could throw this pigskin over the mountain.’ That’s what they do. They talk about the past. They ain’t got nothing to look forward [to], so they talk about their past. That’s what the man’s doing. They can talk about the past all they want.”