Dana White Goes Off on ‘Hater’ Fans Who Want Conor McGregor Stripped

Dana White has been making the rounds today and everyone wants to know about Conor McGregor.

Going into 2018, his future in the UFC is completely unclear. On a mission to clear that up, White put his foot down and…

“For people to suggest that [Conor McGregor be stripped of his UFC lightweight title], you’re just a Conor hater. Because if you look at how everything played out, Conor has fought everybody. When he won the 155-pound belt, he dropped the 145-pound belt, which we made him do. He tried not to do it, but he contractually had to let go of the 145-pound belt. He became the 155-pound champion, and his next fight was against Floyd Mayweather. He has to defend the title now. So, how has he never defended the title?”