Conor McGregor shares touching story after charity work at children’s hospital

UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor is always in the news – and not always for the best reasons.

Despite the controversy that so often surrounds him, however, McGregor continues to do good work in his community, using his platform to help wherever he can.

In fact, McGregor recently visited the Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital in his native Crumlin, Dublin, Ireland, and had a pretty touching experience as a result. He shared this story on his official Instagram account.

“Great to meet this little man tonight,” Conor McGregor said in the caption for his post. “My training partner Ciaran Maher, his son and his wife. Ciaran’s son was a patient in the cardiac department in Our Ladies hospital before. I went in one day on the low a while back and visited all the patients and helped out in my way for the department, and nobody knew about it, I made sure of it, but Ciaran reached out to me out of nowhere thanking me for it and I was like how do you know about that and was blown away as he told me of his son and his journey and that his life was saved by the people in the cardiac department in Our ladies. I done this on the low and it reached right back close to me out of nowhere. Crazy. It’s crazy how you just never know. I invited the little champion, my brother Ciaran and his wife today and it was great to meet the little man, thank you for coming.”

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This article first appeared onBJPenn.comon 1/9/2018.