Coach Would ‘Love’ to See Frankie Edgar Fight for the Bantamweight Title

There was a lot of history made at UFC 222 a couple of weeks ago.

Frankie Edgar was not only finished for the first time in his epic career, but it was the first time he wasn’t able to…

“I’ll tell you one thing: I would love to see Frankie [Edgar] fight at 135. Every time Frankie has fought somebody his own size, he’s done very well. I re-watched the fight for the first time this weekend, and all these people had tweeted about how much bigger Brian [Ortega] looked. I watched it and said, ‘Holy cow, he was a lot bigger.’ It’s tough when you’re giving up size, height and range. Frankie got caught as he overstepped. He paid the price, but that’s what you have to do to compensate for that range. You have to come hard.”