Coach Still Proud of ‘Phenomenal’ Francis Ngannou in Defeat

Coach Still Proud of ‘Phenomenal’ Francis Ngannou in Defeat and Promises Impressive Return

Francis Ngannou of the most severe and recent examples of how brutal MMA is and how forgetful fans are. Just before UFC…

“I got one word to describe [Francis Ngannou]: Phenomenal. We had an off night and we all felt that night, that Francis at his worst still couldn’t be stopped. That’s all I can say about that. Francis at his best won’t be defeated and him at his worst could not even be stopped. We got the best heavyweight in UFC couldn’t stop a guy who was just not at his best that night. Francis man, he’s phenomenal and he will definitely be back stronger than ever. […] Stipe was at his best and we just weren’t at our best and there will be improvement from that.”