Coach Says McGregor Only Wants ‘Biggest Fights ’ and That Could Be St-Pierre

Coach Says Conor McGregor Only Wants ‘Biggest Fights Possible’ and That Could Be Georges St-Pierre

As we draw closer to UFC 223’s fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson, we wonder when Conor McGregor will be stripped and if he’ll be there to watch the lightweight fight and cheer on…

“That would be a big pay-per-view without a doubt. I still say that Conor brings most [of the PPV buys]. Like, I think I saw something about Firas [Zahabi] putting up like ‘let’s see who takes the biggest pay-per-view draw’. I’d be confident in saying that Conor is the biggest pay-per-view draw between him and GSP, but it would be an insane fight, it would be a crazy fight, it would be huge. It would be probably the biggest fight that the UFC has thrown, and yeah, it would be great.”

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