Coach Mark Henry challenges McGregor to fight Frankie Edgar after Dog Crap Post

The fire just keeps roaring and spreading.

Conor McGregor lit the MMA world ablaze by saying [he was going to step in to fight Frankie…

“When you bring up Frankie Edgar’s name, that’s the perfect picture for you Conor McGregor. You ducked him three times in the past, Edgar and his manager Ali Abdel-Aziz asked for Conor’s name specifically when Max went down, but we knew you only take stylistically what is a good match for you and you ducked him three times already. It’s bad enough you post crappy posts putting people down when you have never defended a title cut lines to titles and 90-percent of the time fight people in your comfort zone. I agree Conor is an amazing, amazing fighter and has transcended the game with his accent, personality, wit, incredible fighting style, power, intelligence and don’t forget trashing people some of the best stand-up I’ve ever seen in MMA, which beat a great and one of my own guys. I really thought he had a chance first two rounds to beat [Floyd] Mayweather.”