‘Coach Cucuy’ Tony Ferguson Releases an Inspirational Statement

What’s it like to be Tony Ferguson? Only one man knows

There have been ups and downs and a lot of time to contemplate since his win over Kevin Lee, awarding him a UFC interim…

“The Champ Says; A response to my future fighter’s: From a normal man’s stand you will be criticized, Looked at different, and told what you are doing is a waste of time. Kid, haters are everywhere. All Shapes, and sizes. They will fuel your fire and that will guide you where you want to go when channeled right. Let’s re-calibrate. Take a good look. Hard work, motherf-ckers. I had to earn it every step of the way. No Complaints. It’s not easy. You have to train to the point where giving up is not an option [on the] mat, [in the] ring, cage and life.”