Brendan Schaub blasts Rousey coach Edmond Tarverdyan

Brendan Schaub blasts Rousey coach Edmond Tarverdyan

Ronda Rousey coach Edmond Tarverdyan continues to find himself in the…

The reason that Tarverdyan is receiving so much flack for Rousey’s UFC 207 performance is that Rousey showed almost nothing in the way of improvement between her shocking 2015 knockout loss to Holly Holm and her recent loss to Nunes. While this is of course partially her fault, it is the job of a coach to ensure their fighters are always evolving, and Tarverdyan has clearly failed abysmally in this department when it comes to Rousey. This fact, when paired with the recent records of Tarverdyan’s other high-profile fighters, such as UFC heavyweight Travis Browne, has resulted in his being roasted by many members of the MMA community.



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