BREAKING | UFC Veteran Jon Fitch Signs With Bellator

When you talk about UFC’s welterweight division, you can’t mention it without bringing up Jon Fitch.

He was never able to capture the title, but he damn near came close before falling short against Georges St-Pierre and…

“Unfortunately, yes [I believe choosing a promotion is like picking your poison] because it’s not a real sport. MMA is not a real sport, it’s a production. There is no meritocracy, there is no if you beat this guy, you do this and you move forward. it’s casting. Their casting roles of TV shows, which is why we’re lobbying to try to get the Ali Act expanded to cover MMA because we’ll have sanctioning bodies, we’ll have an actual third party rankings system, and we’ll have some protections economically with our contracts. Basic, basic stuff that we don’t have.”