BJPENN.COM Radio Ep. 52 // Matt Mitrione | Volkan Oezdemir

BJPENN Radio is back tonight at 8PM ET/5PM PT with more great guests for your MMA fix!

8:15PM ET- Our first guest tonight is Bellator heavyweight contender, Matt Mitrione. Following his sensational…

8:40PM ET- Next up is the man who may have just gotten a title shot against Daniel Cormier; Volkan “*No Time*” Oezdemir*. Having ascending to the No. 2 spot in the light heavyweight rankings in less than a year and leaving destruction in his path, Volkan is ready for the belt and requested a fight with DC directly on Twitter. A challenge to which the champ obliged, now it’s up to the UFC to make the fight happen and we’ll be chatting with Volkan about all of it. We’ll also get his take on the debut of Gokhan Saki and Volkan’s new documentary called Anatomy of a Fighter*.